Buster Keaton and his luggage

Lauren Bacall, Harper’s Bazaar, May 1943 (Louise Dahl-Wolfe)


Anita Page and Friends celebrate Independence Day!

people are already shooting of fireworks. it’s gonna be a lonnnnng weekend.

Baby Face (1933) dir. Alfred E. Green

Académie Nationale de danse et de ballets
Paris 1928

Jimmy Dean was brought to me by his friend, Sanford Roth, the photographer. In the beginning it appeared that Jimmy wanted to learn the fine points of sculpturing. I was his teacher for that, but I soon learned that Jimmy posessed the most insatiable thirst for knowledge of any young man I’ve ever known. After his second or third lesson he wanted to hear me explain the technique sculptors use to carve faces in mountains such as Rushmore. His quest for artistic truths was frightening. He wanted to know just about every single fact, idea, theory that had been discovered by man clear back to the stone age. He was much too suspicious of people, but he had a tremendous respect for any who had knowledge.
When I was informed that he had died in an auto accident I was not surprised. He was a human rocket who burned so fiercely and brightly that he blinded people. Life wasn’t big enough to contain him. If there is a hereafter, James Dean will appreciate the infinity of eternity. - Sculptress Pegot Waring

Vladimir Nabokov and butterfly, Carl Mydans, 1958

The bridge over River Marne blown up by the French Army, Chateau Thierry.

Hiroshima Mon Amour, 1959

This picture is so beautiful.